iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max Likely to Have 6GB of RAM

MacRumors is reporting that the next iPhone is likely to come with a RAM upgrade, coming in at 6GB. According to the rumors site, “Barclays analyst Blayne Curtis and his associates recently traveled to Asia to meet with manufacturers within…

Google to Sell Motorola Set-Top Box Division

When Google finally acquired Motorola Mobility, it promptly took stock of the company and then began cleaning house. Just this past month, Google has announced 4,000 layoffs for the company and closed down its branch in Netanya, Israel. It was…

Barclays Trims Microsoft Price Target

Today’s big financial event will be Google’s third quarter earnings report.  Or perhaps Yahoo’s wild ride due to acquisition rumors.  But there’s also news concerning Microsoft, as respected investment bank Barclays Capital has lowered its price target on the company’s stock.

Barclays Trims Google Estimates

Sorry, Google shareholders, but a respected international investment bank has taken the view that Google won’t do quite as well as previously forecast.  Barclays lowered its estimates today, due at least in part to the fact the company won’t directly sell the Nexus One anymore.

Barclays Analyst Predicts YouTube Profitability

In a financial sense, Google’s acquisition of YouTube has never made a lot of sense; the site, which sold for $1.65 billion, hasn’t even turned a profit on a quarter-to-quarter basis yet.  But according to a prominent analyst, that’s about to change.

Nexus One Sales Of 5-6 Million Units Forecast

Google’s given its presentation, tech reviewers have had their say, and, after months of buildup, the Nexus One should soon start appearing in the real world.  So how – in a sales sense – will it fare?  According to a Barclays Capital analyst, the Nexus One will be a rather hot item.