Apple Will Eventually Fall Apart If It Doesn’t Back Down

As long as the company continues to rely on other people’s money to make its bottom line it’s going to turn slodgy, slow, bureaucratic, and I think it will eventually fall apart.

By 2030 The iPhone Will Be A Billion Times More Powerful

If you look at the microprocessor technology that Apple has invested in, some people have estimated that by 2030 the iPhone will be a billion times more powerful than the original iPhone.

Apple Beefing Up Cloud Division With Spate of Hires

Apple has been on a hiring spree, bringing in some of the best cloud engineers money can buy.

Apple Will Allow Push Notification Advertising

iPhone and iPad users may soon be receiving advertising via push notifications, according to Apple’s latest App Store review guidelines.

TikTok Adds Family Pairing to Help Protect Children

TikTok has launched Family Pairing, a new feature designed to give parents more control over their children’s accounts.

Mobile Apps Reach Record Sales Amid Lockdowns

As people all over the world are locked down or under stay-at-home orders, the mobile app market is booming as people look for things to do and ways to stay connected.

Apple Buys Dark Sky Weather App

Apple has purchased popular weather app Dark Sky, according to Dark Sky’s blog.

macOS Apps Included In Universal Purchase

Apple has announced that developers can now include macOS versions of their apps as part of a universal purchase.

Apple and Google Limiting Coronavirus Applications

Apple and Google are doing their part to combat misinformation and profiteering from the coronavirus, by limiting apps to those from reputable sources.

Craigslist Finally Releases Its Very Own, Official iOS App

“Better late than never” goes the old saying. Of course, well over a decade late may be pushing it a bit. Craigslist doesn’t appear to have gotten the memo, however, as they have finally released an official iOS app—a full…