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Twitter Blocks Animated PNGs After Trolls Use Them to Attack Epileptics
Twitter announced Monday it is blocking animated PNG (APNG) files after trolls used them to attack epileptics. APNGs are similar to animated GIFs, con...
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Netflix Exclusively Gets ‘Star Wars : The Clone Wars’ Final Season, Director’s Cuts Of Past Seasons
Netflix announced on Thursday that it has secured an exclusive licensing agreement with the Disney/ABC Television Group for Star Wars content, which w...
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Let AsapSCIENCE Tackle Some Olympics-Related Scientific Queries
Our favorite science illustrators AsapSCIENCE usually take a couple-week break between uploading some of the finest 2-minute animated science videos o...
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Don’t Know Jack About Football? This Animation Should Help
For many people, the Super Bowl is a chance to stuff your face with delicious but artery-clogging delicacies and check out some unusually funny commer...
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‘Frozen’ Movie Exceeds Box Office And Billboard Expectations
Animated film “Frozen,” which was released in the U.S. on November 27, has had a very successful week in the box office all the while surpassi...
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‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ Official Trailer Released
After teasing the sequel earlier this year, DreamWorks today released the first official full-length trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2. The movie...
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Pixar Layoffs Affect Nearly Five Percent Due to “The Good Dinosaur” Delay
Walt Disney Studio’s subunit, Pixar Animation Studios, has laid-off nearly five percent of its workforce due to delays of an impending film, “The ...
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Disney: Due To Emotions, Women Are Harder To Animate
Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen” will make its premier on November 27th on the silver screens all across theaters in American in the f...
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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Teased in New Trailer
Earlier this year, Disney and Lucasfilm announced a new animated Star Wars series titled Star Wars Rebels. The series is set to air in the fall of 201...
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NMA Employee Quits in Amazing, Viral Fashion (with an Interpretive Dance Set to Kanye)
Well, this is one way to quit your job. “I work for an awesome company that makes news videos. I have put my entire life into this job, but my b...
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Disney Delays ‘Finding Dory’, ‘The Good Dinosaur’
Being at the top of the creative heap isn’t easy, especially when success has been built on original storytelling and the meticulous quality. Pi...
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New Miyazaki Film ‘The Wind Rises’ Trailer Released
Hayao Miyazaki’s films have always couched some social commentary behind their colorful visuals. However, the director’s latest project, T...
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New Pixar Movie ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Revealed
This weekend, Disney held it an expo for its D23 official fan club. The event was filled with celebrities and tons of news about upcoming Disney proje...
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Shark on a TRAIN! New York Subway Shark had Nude IPhone Pics
A body dead on a New York subway. A mystery abounds. Move over “Law and Order,” because this “dead meat” goes great with mushrooms. A ...
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Frozen Is The Next Big Disney Animated Feature
Frozen doesn’t exactly sound like a compelling film title, but its first trailer already has me sold. Disney unveiled today the first trailer fo...
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This Chocolate Carousel Is All Kinds Of Magical
Chocolate in and of itself is pretty magical. Now, what happens when you carve out multiple chocolate sculptures and put them into a zoetrope? Well, j...
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In Case You Forgot: The Full McBain Film Is Buried In “Simpsons” Episodes
This isn’t new news, but it is awesome. In case you forgot, the entire Mcbain movie is hidden in little clips over several episodes of “Th...
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The Matrix, as Told by Some Dude’s Mom Who Closed Her Eyes Through Half the Movie
Man, I love The Matrix. Remember when Leo and his girlfriend go to the computer whatever to rescue Moshimo? Ah man, that part was classic. “My m...
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Wife Gets Drunk, Tells Corny Joke About Two Tortillas; Man Animates Said Joke. Hilarity Ensues.
A rope walks into a bar, and he sits down and orders a drink. Bartender walks over, annoyed, and says “hey, we don’t serve your kind in he...
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AP Twitter Hack Gets The NMA Treatment
Though Tuesday’s hack of the AP’s Twitter account that sent U.S. markets into a freefall is no laughing matter, our favorite Taiwanese ani...
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