Don't Know Jack About Football? This Animation Should Help

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For many people, the Super Bowl is a chance to stuff your face with delicious but artery-clogging delicacies and check out some unusually funny commercials - and that's about it. If that describes you, well, how about you give football a try?

Ok, I know - some people just don't like football and that's never going to change. But if you're thinking about actually paying attention to the game this year (or at least thinking about making an attempt) - here comes a clever little animation to help you better understand the chaos.

No, this 3-minute explanation of American Football won't teach you about offensive play calling, defensive schemes, or oft-forgotten rules. But what it will do is give the football virgin a decent idea about what's happening on-screen.

Oh, so you know football? You're an everyday John Madden? Ok, well, watch it anyway - it's rather enjoyable.

Video and Image via Fraser Davidson, YouTube

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