We Are Not Going Back to Old Retail

With the future of retail we have crossed over the demarcation line, says Walter Robb, the former co-CEO of Whole Foods. “We’re not going back to the old retail,” said Robb. “It’s just not going to happen. That’s the combination of digital and physical.

SAP CEO: We’re Doubling Down in China

SAP CEO Bill McDermott remains very optimistic about doing business in China. He says that SAP has a fundamental belief in China and continues to invest in China. “We’re not having challenges in China,” says McDermott. “We’re doubling down in China.”

Starbucks Coming Out on Top in China, Says CEO

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson isn’t worried about competitors in the fast-growing coffee market in China. Starbucks has nearly 3,700 stores in China already and is generating double-digit transaction growth. For Starbucks, their growth in China continues to be driven by providing a unique customer experience that is like no other in their industry.

Starbucks Delivery via Uber Eats Goes National After Seeing Higher Average Sales

Based on a successful delivery trial in China via Alibaba and Uber Eats in Miami, Starbucks has announced that they are adding delivery nationwide.

Alibaba CEO: On-Demand Delivery to Power the Future of Retail

On-demand is an infrastructure for the future of retail says Alibaba CEO, Daniel Zhang. He envisions a world where virtually every product, even pharmaceuticals, will be available to be delivered on-demand 24-hours a day to customers.

Former Walmart CEO says Amazon is “Predatory” Almost by Definition

Former Walmart CEO Bill Simon says that Walmart has been “predatory” by selling goods below cost subsidized by profits from their cloud and advertising businesses. Simon says that this strategy put major competitors like Circuit City and Toys R Us out of business.

Alibaba Acquires Food Delivery Service Ele.me for $9.5 Billion

Alibaba is set to gain full control of Ele.me as it revs up on its plan to have a stronger foothold in China’s burgeoning market for quick delivery services. A statement released by Alibaba hinted of an enterprise valuation for…

Alibaba Invests Additional $2 Billion in Lazada, Seeks to Dominate SE Asia eCommerce Market

Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba announced Monday that it would be investing an extra $2 billion in Lazada as part of the company’s continued expansion in Southeast Asia. Alibaba gained control of the Singapore-based company way back in 2016 with an…

Alibaba CEO Jack Ma Makes Multi-Million Dollar Investment in ‘Rent the Runway’ Fashion Business

It seems that Chinese billionaire investor Jack Ma is planning to expand his business interests to include women’s fashion. Mr. Ma and his Alibaba co-founder Joseph Tsai, are now eyeing a stake in Rent the Runway, a New York-based designer…

Yahoo Reverses Spinoff To Sell Core Business And Keep Alibaba Stake

After a report from CNBC came out saying that Yahoo will halt its spinoff of its stake in Alibaba and explore a potential deal for its core business, Yahoo put out an official announcement. It says the board of directors…