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Tag: Ad Revenue

Reddit Reveals It Has 52 Million Daily Users
Reddit has reported it has 52 million daily users for October, shining a light on data it has never before released....
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Senator Blumenthal Demands AT&T Back Off Ad-Based Cellphone Plans
That didn’t take long; Senator Richard Blumenthal has demanded that AT&T rethink its plans to offer ad-subsidized phone plans....
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YouTube Generates $15 Billion a Year For Google
Alphabet released its fourth quarter results today and, for the first time, broke down how much money YouTube earns. According to the report, YouTube ...
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Facebook Sees Growth in Ad Sales Despite Drop in Usage
Facebook saw a decline in usage for the first time in its history, undoubtedly brought about by certain changes made to its News Feed. Despite that, t...
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Twitter’s Ad Business Shrinks, Company Focuses on Selling Data
With Twitter’s ad revenues struggling, the company has set its sights on data licensing. Twitter has seen some positive changes in its user enga...
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Reddit Is Donating $827K, 10% of Ad Revenue, to Charity
Back in February of 2014, reddit promised that at the end of the year, it would total up its ad revenue and give ten percent of it to charity. Chariti...
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Internet Ad Revenues Had A Record Quarter
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC have released their latest figures on Internet advertising revenues, looking at the third quarter. Ac...
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Even The Chrome Browser Is A Money Maker For Google
Aside from the exciting Google Glass demonstration, the 2012 Google I/O conference will probably be remembered as the one that brought Google Chrome t...
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Facebook International Ad Revenue Is Pretty Bad
The kicks just keep coming when it comes to Facebook’s advertising value. Today’s entrant: the company’s international ad revenue is...
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Google’s Android Expectations: Hope vs. Reality
The court case between Google and Oracle has become a goldmine for those wanting a peek inside the world of Android as a business. The Verge has publi...
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Over A Billion In Ad Revenue For Amazon
Amazon is already doing more than $1 Billion in ad revenues and quietly threatening Google’s core search business. As long as consumers continue...
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Google Set To Leapfrog Facebook In Advertising Revenue Next Year
Maybe Microsoft’s claim that Google is the “world’s largest advertising company” may not have been so far off the mark if curr...
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