T-Mobile Takes Top Spot in PCMag’s Annual Speed Test

In PCMag’s annual test of the US wireless networks, T-Mobile has decisively taken the top spot for 5G service.

T-Mobile and Zyter Partner on Telehealth

T-Mobile has announced it is partnering with Zyter to provide telehealth options.

CES 2021: Verizon’s Skyward and UPS Collaborating On Drone Deliveries

Verizon used CES 2021 to announce its Skyward drone company will be collaborating with UPS Flight Forward for retail deliveries.

5G Auction Blows Past $76 Billion, Shattering Estimates

The auction for 5G spectrum in the US has shattered estimates, passing $76 billion as of Monday.

Verizon Activates 5G Uploads

Verizon has announced it has activated uploads on its Ultra Wideband 5G network.

T-Mobile Rolls Out 2.5Ghz 5G in Philadelphia

T-Mobile has already begun rolling out 2.5GHz 5G in Philadelphia, using the spectrum it gained in the Sprint merger.

4G LTE: T-Mobile Quickly Upgrading Its Network

Just over one year ago T-Mobile was the fourth-largest mobile provider in the U.S., and for good reason. Instead of the 4G LTE networks that larger carriers were building out, T-Mobile had bet on the slower HSPA+ standard for its…

T-Mobile Promises Fast 4G Expansion This Year

T-Mobile has shifted the mobile landscape significantly in the past year, doing away with device subsidies and forcing a small price war among the largest mobile providers in the U.S. One area T-Mobile still struggles to compete in, however, is…

Worldwide LTE Subscriptions Steadily Rising

The smartphone market is continuing to grow, yet most of the world does not yet have access to 4G LTE connections. This is set to change in the near future, however, as emerging nations such as China begin to build…

Foxconn Could Become Mobile Provider in Taiwan

Foxconn Technology Group, the manufacturer of Apple’s iPhone and iPad products, is looking to take its business beyond manufacturing. In addition to media and software investments, the company could soon become a mobile carrier in China. The Wall Street Journal…