T-Mobile Turns On 4G LTE In Seven Markets, 200 Million To Have LTE By Year's End

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At this morning's UnCarrier event, T-Mobile has already announced that its ditching contracts in favor of a simpler plan, and that it plans to offer the iPhone 5 starting early next month. It's a great start for the beleaguered wireless carrier, but it still needs to compete with AT&T's and Verizon's LTE market penetration.

To better compete in the modern wireless industry, T-Mobile announced today that it's turning on 4G LTE connectivity in seven markets across the U.S. starting today. T-Mobile consumers living in Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose, and Washington, D.C. should be able to access 4G LTE speeds starting today. T-Mobile will also rapidly increase its market penetration over the year with an expected 100 million consumers having access to LTE by midyear, and 200 million having access by year's end.

T-Mobile is rolling out its 4G LTE market today to take advantage of the numerous 4G LTE devices it sells, and will be selling later this year - among them are the iPhone 5, the Galaxy S 4, BlackBerry Z10 and the HTC One. Those who buy a LTE-capable phone in a non-LTE market need not worry about setting anything up if LTE arrives. T-Mobile says that devices on its 4G network will transition seamlessly to LTE when it launches in more places later this year.

It will be interesting to see how T-Mobile evolves over the year as it brings 4G LTE, and its unlimited data plans, to more markets. Its commitment to consumer friendly mobile plans may just help give it the customer base it needs to continue providing what's looking like one of the most disruptive mobile plans in years.