3D Printed Meat May Be Coming To New York City

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New York City is home to some of the best dining in all of the world. If the stars happen to align for Modern Meadow, it might also be the go-to destination for 3D printed meat.

Modern Meadow, the company currently researching 3D printed leather and meat, announced that it intends to move its operations from the University of Missouri to a 10,000 sq. ft. facility at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. The move would allow Modern Meadow to work closely with New York's fashion and food industries as it continues to experiment in bioprinting.

So, why the move to New York City? According to Crain's NY, the city has recently started to aggressively invest in the growing biotech sector. Through funding initiatives and tax breaks, the city has managed to attract startups from all over the country looking to build the next big thing in biotech. Modern Meadow is one of those startups and it wants a piece of the pie.

At this moment, Modern Meadow is currently in the negotiation phase with the city as it attempts to secure tax breaks and a BioBAT license that would allow it to operate in the city without breaking the bank.

If everything works out, Modern Meadow will be in New York by Summer. From there, the company would work with local industries to introduce bioprinted leather and meat into the mainstream. While the concept of leather that's humanely sourced is appealing to many people, the idea of lab-grown meat will be a much harder sell. The company hopes that local New York restaurants will be able to help them market 3D printed meat as a delicacy that will become a mainstream item once the price comes down.

Even if it doesn't work out, it's unlikely that Modern Meadow will abandon its work. We're going to get see 3D printed leather and meat at some point in the future. It just might not come with the endorsement of some of New York City's top designers and chefs if the relocation efforts aren't successful.

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