AT&T Adds A 3D Printer To Its Online Store

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As 3D printers continue to become more popular, more and more retail outlets are beginning to carry the devices. Staples became the first major retailer to carry 3D Systems’ Cube 3D printer in retail stores, and Office Depot offers in-store demonstrations for those who want to buy the 3D printer from their Web site. Now a wireless carrier is getting in on the action.

AT&T has partnered with 3D Systems to sell the Cube 2 3D printer via its Web site. The reason being that the Cube 2 is compatible with many of the wireless devices that it sells. As 3D printers continue to evolve, their reliance on mobile devices will become more apparent. AT&T seems to embracing the trend before it becomes mainstream.

According to 3ders, AT&T sold out of their initial allotment of Cube 3D printers on Friday. The printer seems to be in stock as of this morning though. It’s a little weird to see such strong sales from a wireless carrier, but it’s always good to see 3D printers doing well in the marketplace.

So, is there any chance we might see a Cube 3D printer in a retail store? No idea, but we’ve reached out to AT&T to find out if it has any plans to expand its availability. With the wide range of 3D printers that support mobile devices available today, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it start offering MakerBot or Form Labs printers as well.

Image via AT&T

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