Taco Bell Waffle Taco Added To Experimental "Firstmeal" Menu

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Taco Bell, perennial favorite of those who love cheap, tasty food that kills you slowly (myself included), has apparently begun testing a new waffle taco as part of their breakfast menu. Though Taco Bell officials have remained quiet on the subject, the restaurant's customers began seeing the new menu option at three southern California locations over the weekend.

Last year Taco Bell began experimenting with a new breakfast menu dubbed the "Firstmeal" menu, a reference to the "Fourthmeal" ad campaign they ran several years ago when they began staying open later several years ago. The Firstmeal menu was initially brought to several hundred restaurants scattered across the country. If it is successful in its test market, the new menu will likely be rolled out to the rest of the Mexican-ish food chain's 6,000 restaurants before long.

According to witnesses, the waffle taco consists of a waffle (hence the name) with a sausage patty and scrambled egg, stacked and then folded into the shape of a taco (again, hence the name). It is reportedly served with a side of syrup and sells for a whopping $0.89.

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