Taco Bell Breakfast Makes McDonald's Step Up Ad Campaign

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"Taco Bell breakfast" isn't a phrase many of us thought we would be hearing as recently as a year ago, but now that it's here, the new menu is pleasing customers and putting McDonald's on edge.

The new early-morning menu--which includes a waffle taco and a crunchwrap--has forced the hamburger giant to beef up its ad campaigns, including offering up free coffee for the first two weeks of April. Now, they're focusing on their popular McGriddle sandwiches as direct competition against the waffle taco, with ads featuring the tag line "Once you get a McGriddles, you'll get it". The marketing blast comes soon after Taco Bell released commercials featuring several men named Ronald McDonald who had fallen in love with their breakfast menu.

“This is Taco Bell’s way of saying that there’s a new breakfast player in town and there’s no better way to do that than to go after the king of breakfast by market share, which is McDonalds,” said Hayley Peterson of Business Insider.

A new survey indicates that consumers are digging the new menu options and are choosing them over McDonald's; 33% say they would choose Taco Bell, while 24% would choose McD's. 43% couldn't choose.

"The initial indications are positive for Taco Bell," Citi Research analysts wrote. "While this development is clearly not a positive for McDonald's, it is still early and it may be possible for both McDonald's and Taco Bell to continue to grow at breakfast at the expense of other competitors."

Consumers have taken to social media to share their love of the new menu items, especially on Twitter:

McDonald's isn't the only restaurant adding new items to the menu; Starbucks and Jack In The Box have introduced new breakfast items in recent weeks, as well.

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