Taco Bell Breakfast Is No Contender

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Well, it sounded good in theory. McDonald's was going to get some more stiff competition for their title as reigning fast food breakfast king.

Once you see such a thing actually in writing, it all sounds kind of absurd. But there is, indeed, a market for eggs poured from a carton, artificially flavored pancakes, hydrogenated butter substitutes, and substandard coffee products, all handed out a window to you by a bleary-eyed liberal arts student.

But I digress.

Taco Bell announced its aim to unseat McDonald's. Taco Bell launched a commercial series that featured real-life guys named "Ronald McDonald" expressing their preference for Taco Bell as their fast food breakfast of choice.

The biggest hurdle that some saw to Taco Bell's ambitions was how they would manage to get their service window times shaved down enough to make it worth the while of a morning commuter. It's one thing to sit in a 10-minute Taco Bell line at 11:00 P.M. with a bunch of other college students out gathering munchies fodder for their buddies. It's quite another to meet the efficiency expectations of the morning drive crowd, most of whom left home with just enough time to grab a McSomething and get to work under the get-fired wire.

Burger Business uncovered an interesting tidbit that might shed some light on the reality of Taco Bell's breakfast ambitions. Taking aim at McDonald's may have been the kind of bravado needed to keep Taco Bell's campaign from being seen as a Johnny-Come-Lately also-ran. But it probably wasn't substantial.

"Breakfast represents about 25% of the average McDonald’s sales and 45% for Hardee’s. What is Yum Brands’ target for Taco Bell’s breakfast? About 7%."

All Taco Bell wanted to do was hit the 7% mark? Talk about the soft sell of low expectations.

Wendy's had thrown its hat into the breakfast ring, once upon a time. The dropped out of that race because "it couldn’t make mornings work profitably and its target was $140,000 to $150,000 in breakfast sales per store. Taco Bell ought to be able hit $100,000, or $274 a day, from breakfast."

While Taco Bell may get their 7% goal with ease, they certainly will pose little competition for McDonald's.

Looks like Ronald McDonald got all dressed up for nothing.

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