Taco Bell Breakfast: Is It Better Than McDonalds?


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Taco Bell said that they had plans to take over breakfast when they released their breakfast menu earlier this month and it appears that they may have done just that. Since they began serving their breakfast items, many other restaurants including Starbucks, Jack In The Box and McDonalds have added new items to their menus.

When Taco Bell released a commercial that showed several people named Ronald McDonald talking about how good their breakfast items are, they seemed to be calling McDonalds out. McDonalds didn't seem too scared at first, but now that Taco Bell's breakfast menu has become so popular, McDonalds is pulling out all the stops in order to keep their spot as the top fast food breakfast server.

McDonalds has created new commercials and is promoting their McGriddles in order to compete with Taco Bell's waffle taco. The two breakfast items are somewhat similar, with both savory and sweet flavors. So the question is, which one is best?

Many people have taken to twitter to voice their opinions. Some people claimed to love Taco Bell's breakfast menu.

Others, not so much.

In order to stay in the game, McDonalds has started offering free coffee with the purchase of a breakfast item and are even considering serving breakfast all day. But will this be enough to help them continue to dominate other restaurants in the breakfast battle?

A recent survey conducted by consumer research group, YouGov's Brand Index, asked 4,500 people how they felt about Taco Bell's breakfast menu and how they feel about McDonald's. They charted the results on their Buzz Chart and found that Taco Bell's breakfast ratings went from 11% to 15%, while McDonald's went from 11% to 9%.

Some analysts think the results could be due to the fact that Taco Bell's breakfast menu is new. Sales and popularity could start to decrease as time goes on and people grow tired of the newness. Only time will tell which restaurant is offering the best breakfast items. For now, it looks like it's only a matter of opinion.

Who do you think serves the best breakfast?

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