T-Mobile Nexus 7 Now Available On Google Play Store

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There was much rejoicing when Google finally offered a HSPA+ option for its popular Nexus 7 tablet. The only minor concern was that AT&T was the only carrier listed as the device came with an AT&T SIM card. There are other HSPA+ networks in this country, but they never got a page on the Google Play store until now.

It was noticed today that Google unceremoniously added a new option on its Nexus 7 ordering page. Alongside the AT&T Nexus 7, a T-Mobile Nexus 7 is now available as well. It's the same 32GB unlocked tablet as before, but it now ships with a T-Mobile SIM card instead.

In all reality, it's not that big of a deal since SIM cards are so cheap these days. It's just removes one more annoyance for T-Mobile subscribers who want to add a Nexus 7 to their network without having to order a new SIM card.

Just like the AT&T Nexus 7, the T-Mobile Nexus 7 will only set you back $300. Not a bad price for one of the best 7-inch tablets on the market.

Now if only Google and LG can work on getting a fresh supply of Nexus 4 handsets up on Google Play. The much sought after smartphone will be available at T-Mobile later this month so hopefully it will be back in stock on Google Play by that time as well.

[h/t: Droid Life]

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