SWTOR: The Cold Republic Is The Ultimate Old Republic Mixtape


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Rap music and Star Wars, some could say they go together like peanut butter and Metamucil. As a fan of both (rap and Star Wars), I never once thought the two entities could co-exist. Richie Branson has proven me wrong. He's a rap artist who just so happens to have a love for The Old Republic; sounds like we'd get along.

He announced today the release of his mixtape, titled: 'The Cold Republic: Episode 1 - The Empire Likes Rap'. You can download it for free here.

Here's a track list for the mixtape:

The Cold Republic

Here are some samples of Branson's work.

This song has to be my favorite, as it is definitely a hassle to look for a group when you're DPS (Scoundrel user here). For Branson, he's a Sith Assassin...

Here's 'Jedi Nights', with in-game recordings....

and, the album titled song 'The Cold Republic'...

He doesn't have a video up for the song, but when you download the mixtape I highly recommend Emmitt Sith. The legendary frog-dog Huttball player. Love it.