Swift Breakup Songs About Styles = 5?

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Taylor Swift is notorious for penning songs about her love life, the end of it, and exactly what the guy in question did to deserve the Douche Of The Year award, so it's really not shocking at all that she's reportedly already writing songs about her breakup from One Direction's Harry Styles. In fact, I kind of called it.

What is surprising, however, is that she's allegedly already on a songwriting spree that includes five--count them, 1,2,3,4,5--songs about the brief relationship.

"Harry and Taylor only dated for a short time but there were very strong feelings, so it's been a tough comedown," said a source.

The same source also says the songs--if any of them make it onto the album--won't be in the same vein as the bitter ones she wrote about ex John Mayer, who is now dating Katy Perry.

The fair-haired songstress has just gone back into the studio, which she tweeted about with a randomly ominous tone.

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