Suzanne Somers: Does Miley Cyrus Crave Babies With An Older Man?

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If Miley Cyrus had any doubts whether older men can be passionate and romantic, then she should listen to what Suzanne Somers had to say on Wednesday. At 66, well past her fertile years, Somers is still eager to make love with her husband, Alan Hamel, who is 77.

Now older men can mean many age groups. In Miley's universe, men over 40 are "older men," and once you cross that age, you are no longer romantic!

But how did Miley arrive at this conclusion in the first place? Was it her mom, Tish Cyrus, sharing her own sex-life or lack thereof with baby Cyrus? After all, mama Cyrus taught baby Cyrus how to flick out her tongue provocatively.

Or is there something deeper which Miley is refusing to share with us?

We are not professional psychoanalysts, but we can make a good guess.

Miley is not happy with younger men. Younger men are immature, inexperienced and always in a hurry. She is sad, confused and pretty much a wrecking ball these days.

That makes Miley curious about men over 40. She is eager to share her love with one of those, and perhaps make plenty of beautiful babies to deepen the romantic bonds. But she has doubts whether her "ölder man" will fulfill his manly duties towards her. Worry not Miley, you are not alone in thinking about older men.

Grover Cleveland, the 22nd President of the United States, was 50 years old when he married Frances Folsom, 21, in the White House. They had 5 children together, so by any measure, the first lady was very romantic with her "ölder man".

President Cleveland with wife Frances Folsom

Media magnate Rupert Murdoch, aged 68, married Wendi Deng of China, when she was 30. They had two beautiful children together. There are plenty of examples in the celebrity world, including Michael Douglas and Hugh Hefner, who found marital bliss with much younger women.

And does age even matter in romantic relationships? We would leave it up to Miley Cyrus to decide, and we wish her a very loving, romantic future with an older man.


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