Susan Boyle Finds Love at Last By Landing Her First Boyfriend at 53

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Susan Boyle is 53 years old and has landed her first boyfriend.

The singer, who made her fairy-tale singing debut on Britain's Got Talent in 2009 with I Dreamed a Dream, says she met her guy during a recent tour.

In an interview with The Sun via The Mirror, Boyle told the tale of her new relationship.

After enjoying a romantic dinner, Boyle and her "perfect gentleman" decided to pursue a relationship.

"I don't want to say any more about who he is right now as that would be unfair on him," she said. "All I'll say is we are around the same age and he was a very nice guy."

"It's very early days so we'll see what happens," she added of her American doctor beau. "I hope he comes over."

During her memorable 2009 audition, Boyle shocked the world with her impressive (and surprising) voice and her surprising confession that she had "never been kissed."

While making the film The Christmas Candle, she did enjoy her first on-screen kiss.

"It was lovely," she said after the film wrapped. "I didn't know about the kissing scene when I signed up, but I wasn't complaining."

Boyle recently released her sixth album, Hope, and is currently on tour.

Yes, life is good for Susan Boyle.

Pam Wright