Survey Shows Most iPhone Users Satisfied With Siri

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When Tim Cook took to the stage in October 2011 to unveil the iPhone 4S, there was one feature that got most of the attention: Siri. While the iPhone 4S sports several improvements over its predecessor - upgrades to the camera and processor chief among them - Siri is the iPhone 4S's flagship feature. Heck, it's probably what the S stands for.

Siri has sparked all kinds of reactions. Some are scared of it, others think it doesn't work the way Apple says it should (some have even sued over it). Many of those who don't have it on their phones have tried to get it, or something like it, on their Android or Windows phones, or even their older (jailbroken) iPhones. Of course, Siri isn't without problems. Though she recently learned Japanese, she appears to be struggling with it, and she's notoriously bad with accents.

One thing we haven't seen much of, however, is attempts to quantify just how happy iPhone 4S users are with Siri. Well, a new study from Parks Associates aims to do just that. They surveyed 482 iPhone 4S owners, and found that just over 50% of them were "very satisfied" with Siri, and another 21% were "satisfied." Less than a quarter of respondents said they were not satisfied with Siri, and most of those said they were "neutral." It looks like the number of iPhone 4S users who dislike Siri is actually pretty small, only around 9%.

Siri Satisfaction Survey

Interestingly, Siri use tends to fall into a fairly narrow set of categories. The Wall Street Journal managed to get their hands on the full report, and found that people aren't quite using Siri to her fullest potential. While 87% of respondents said that they use Siri at least once a month, they appear to use it for texting and making phone calls and not a lot else. About one third of users use Siri for phone calls, texting, and search daily. Just over a quarter use Siri to send email daily or almost daily, while 30% say they've never done so. Other features like playing music, scheduling meetings, setting alarms, and the like saw little use even among Siri's heaviest users.

Do you love Siri, or hate it? How do you use? Do you make phone calls and text? Do you play music or schedule alarms? What other uses do you have for Siri? Let us know in the comments.