Supreme Court – Gov’t Employees Texts Are Not Private

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Supreme Court – Gov’t Employees Texts Are Not Private
Written by Staff
  • Breaking eBusiness news bulletins ….

    The Supreme Court has ruled 9-1 that texts of government employees can be looked at by government managers. Specifically, the Court ruled that a California Police Department was within its rights to view pager texts of a Patrol Officer. Whether this ruling extends to cell phone texts on company issued phones or instant messages on corporate computers remains to be seen.

    Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy doesn’t seem to think so stating, "The opinion was a narrow one that didn’t make any sweeping pronouncements about the privacy expectations workers should have in a rapidly changing digital age".

    DigiTimes is reporting indications that Apple is in current production of iPhones that are compatible for use by Verizon. According to DigiTimes, "Pegatron will also start shipping a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 to Apple in the fourth quarter". 

    Music publishers have sued Limewire for copyright infringement and are asking for payment of $150,000 per song. This comes on the heals of a winning Federal court judgment last month against Limewire by recond companies. Many publishers were not part of that lawsuit.

    The Huffington Post acquired a company that currently helps it manage over 100,000 comments on its site per day. The two person company, Adaptive Semantics is the first acquisition by the Huffington Post according to Techcrunch.

     A Toy Story 3 Twitter link is the first Twitter Trending Topic ad. The ad is only seen by people logged into their Twitter web page and is located at the bottom of the trending topics list. The ad simply says, "Toy Story 3" with the word "Promoted" next to it and links directly to a Toy Stories 3 Twitter account. It is intended to generate viral buzz rather than a visit to a website like your typical Internet ad. Everything is on the line for Twitter with this attempt to monitize via advertising. If it generate significant movie ticket sales for Disney expect Twitter to add many more promoted links.

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