Super Meat Boy for the iPhone a Reality

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The platforming indie-game hit Super Meat Boy will be coming to smartphone and tablet devices sometime in the near future. But not the notoriously difficult game as you have known it before. Edmund McMillen, co-creator of Super Meat Boy, announced on the "Team Meat" blog that Super Meat Boy would be completely redesigned for touch platforms. From the blog:

"Sadly, there was no way of doing this without the game becoming a pile of garbage, Super Meat Boy is a twitch platformer with precision controls, there was no way in hell this would work on a touch screen with buttons all over it, Super Meat Boy isn't a game we want to make a sub-par version of just to cash in...
So, we decided to totally remake the whole game instead, from the ground up!"

Unfortunately, development on this new imagining of Super Meat Boy is only just beginning, so fans of the game will have to wait a while to get their fingers on the game. However, McMillen did post a few details about what is planned for the game. The game will not be a direct port of the console and PC versions. It will be designed specifically for a touch interface, meaning it will not have "non-tactile buttons" overlaid on the screen. Though aspects of Super Meat Boy will be present, the game will feature all-new art, sound, and "everything."

And just in case you think I've been fooled by one of those April fool's jokes, here's a (very long) interview with McMillen in January during which he mentions a touch version being a possibility. The mention comes a little after the 58-minute mark:

Are you ready to be frustrated with Super Meat Boy touch platforming? Do you have any idea (I don't) what type of controls a game of this sort would utilize on an iPhone or Android device? Are you sick of red meat? Let me know in the comments below.

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