Super Hero Kids Have Great Imaginations

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I'm pretty sure that every little kid since comics were invented has at one point in time dreamed of being his or her favorite super hero. From Batman to Superman to Wolverine, we have all ran through a field yelling "SNIKT!"

Artist Andy Fairhurst from the United Kingdom has been able to capture some very basic, yet very powerful images with the paintings. They were done using Photoshop CS4 and Water color texture. Bravo to Andy for some awesome images. Go check out his gallery at Deviant Art and see what other great things he has to offer!



"When I grow up I wanna be...Wolverine!"



"When I grow up I wanna be...Spider-Man"



"When I grow up I wanna be...Superman!"



"When I grow up I wanna be...Batman. Bat Signal! YAY!"



"When I grow up I wanna be...Iron Man!"

Captain America


"When I grow up I wanna be...Captain America!"



"When I grow up I wanna be...Hulk!"

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