Stussy is Stripping For Facebook Likes

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You've seen campaigns on Facebook before: "If we get (X number) of likes, we will (name our son spider-man/ eat a pile of cat poop/ do something ridiculous)". But odds are you haven't seen one where they promise to take their clothes off for likes.

That's exactly what a Stussy of Amsterdam is doing on Facebook as we speak. First they held a contest on Facebook to find a model, then they got her to wear every piece of clothing they sell. She will take of an article of clothing off for every like milestone they reach. Things must be going well so far. because she's already down to one layer... I don't know if they sell underwear.


“As you can imagine the model must be suffocating under that many layers of clothing,” Colin Lamberton, Creative Arnold Amsterdam, said in a statement. “It is almost a public duty to free her out of this misery so we are expecting Facebook fans to help out here. Like and undress.”

I doubt she will actually be naked at any point, but it is a smart advertising campaign. The whole clothing line will be worn by a beautiful model, and the concept itself, will turn a few heads.

The campaign is run by Arnold Amsterdam, who had this to say: "We always complain about brands that are begging for Likes. But “Strip for Likes” for Stüssy’s Facebook fanpage at least uses the mechanism in an original way. The more likes, the more clothes come off. What’s smart about it is that once you’ve liked the stripper, you’ll be inclined to come back and see what her status is. On top of that you’ll see a whole bunch of Stüssy clothes; she thus actually becomes a catwalk stripper. Nice, simple, and effective."

Unfortunately, this kind of campaign may be against Facebook's new revised Pages Terms, which is probably why you don't see any "like and i'll (blank)" pages anymore.

"You must not use Facebook features or functionality as a promotion’s registration or entry mechanism. For example, the act of liking a Page or checking in to a Place cannot automatically register or enter a promotion participant. You must not use Facebook features or functionality, such as the Like button, as a voting mechanism for a promotion."

Facebook either doesn't think this fits under that definition, doesn't know about the page, or just doesn't care.

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