Stolen Cellphones: A wealth of Information [Infographic]

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There's no doubt the cellphone is one of the greatest evolutions in communication technology ever made and with the introduction of the smartphone we are connected to services like never before. We store all our phone numbers, our schedules, passkeys, account numbers, social networking information, and countless other things on these excellent devices. They make our lives easier and enrich our free time.

One thing we seldom plan for is losing our devices or having them stolen. No, I'm not talking about buying the optional replacement plan when you purchase your phone, though that's a good idea. I'm talking about protecting the sensitive information stored on the device.

Think about it. You have all your phone numbers stored in there. I steal your phone, text your wife asking her where the extra key is to the house and ask her when she'll be home. Bingo, I have access to your house and know when the next person will be home. Obviously it's not always this simple, but think of all the different scams perpetrators could cook up using just the information stored on your phone.

You should devise a security system for your devices to keep sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Statistically speaking, it's highly likely that you will lose or have your phone stolen at some point. Plan for the inevitable now and reduce the impact when it does happen.

This next infographic come to us from Backgroundcheck.Org and reveals some pretty interesting facts about the information stored on our devices and what to do if you lose your phone or have it stolen. This one is definitely worth taking a look at.

See what they found:

Lost ot stolen cellphone information

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