Steve Jobs Predicted The Future Of Tech In 1983

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Love him or hate him - Steve Jobs had a profound impact on the tech world. Under his leadership, Apple became the largest tech company in the world. As we approach the one year anniversary of his death, people are now taking time to reminisce on the Apple co-founder's life.

One of the more interesting looks into the past of Jobs comes from a little known speech that he made in 1983 at the International Design Conference in Aspen. The speech was recorded, but only the initial speech was recorded. There was a longer question and answer session with Jobs that was thought to be lost forever.

Marcel Brown of Life, Liberty, and Technology recently obtained a copy of the tape that contained the speech and the Q&A session. He has uploaded the entire talk to SoundCloud for your enjoyment.

In the speech, Jobs predicts or talks about several modern innovations in technology. Some of the highlights include talking about an early version of Google Street View that was made by MIT, predicting the iPad, and talking about the future of voice recognition (i.e. Siri).

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