Steve Jobs Memes Pay Respect to a Visionary

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The unfortunate death of Steve Jobs caused massive reverberations around the Internet in particular, as people all over the world paid their respects the one of the great visionaries to grace the tech industry. Twitter and Facebook were two main areas of focus for these messages, but social network outlets were not the only place people were expressing themselves.

A number of memes that paid respect to Apple's fallen quickly hit the web as well, and the images sub category of did a great job of cataloging these tributes, as well as capturing just how much the death of Steve Jobs resonated around the world.

To help keep the memory of Steve Jobs alive, we've collected some of the best memes that have popped up since the announcement. After looking at these, it's pretty clear just how much Steve Jobs meant to his fans and the tech industry in general:

Jobs Quote
Image courtesy

The next one is an incredible take on Apple logo, and it was initially found here:

Steve Jobs Logo
Initially found here

Other memes/images of note, including the end of a popular Steve Jobs/Bill Gates meme:

Jobs and Gates
Image courtesy

The next image is of Jobs and his wife, and it was taken after his last keynote speech, again courtesy of Reddit. It's almost as if they knew that would be his last.

Steve Jobs and his wife

This next image doesn't need an explanation, even if you missed the earlier generations of Macintosh computers:

Sad Macintosh

This next image is a screenshot of the Steve Jobs Wikipedia entry, after it was edited to include his death. The "defacing" has been fixed, but I think I prefer it this way instead of the way Wikipedia has it now:

Steve Jobs Wiki
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While Reddit has been a fantastic source for these images, even some in the community go a little overboard, as the following collection demonstrates nicely:

Reddit Overload

Cleary, Reddit members everywhere wanted to get in on the Steve Jobs karma love.

The downpour of Steve Jobs related memes and images just shows how much "pull" he had, especially with Internet users. Whether you are an Apple fan or not -- I fall into the "not" category -- you cannot deny the impact and the vision Jobs had for the tech industry as a whole. Hell, the iPhone single-handedly turned the Mac brand into a legitimate destination for video games, something the company still struggles with in regards to their home computers.

Just ask the Angry Birds creators, a group that openly acknowledges the role the iPhone played in making the game into the worldwide success it became.

Of course, Jobs' footprint goes well, well beyond the success of the iPhone, but it's also obvious just how crucial the device was to the overall success of Apple, which has skyrocketed into becoming the world's most valuable brand.

All thanks to the genius of Steve Jobs.

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