Steve Jobs in Ghostbusters Parody "Bluebusters"

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It's a little hard to remember at this point, with Apple reigning as one of the largest tech companies in the world, but back in 1984 Apple was the underdog. At that time IBM was Apple's major competitor and Apple saw itself as a freedom fighter, liberating office workers from tedium and complicated user manuals. To celebrate this, Apple produced a Ghostbusters parody in which the "Bluebusters" save the world from blue, mannequin-like IBM drones. It's terrible and fantastic in a way only things from the 80's can be. Take a look for yourself:

NetworkWorld, which posted the video to YouTube, stated in the video description that "Bluebusters" was produced for a 1984 Apple sales staff meeting in Hawaii. Craig Elliot, a former Apple employee, was the person who leaked the video to NetworkWorld.

This video, surprisingly, isn't the first internal Apple video to get attention this week. A video from the same conference, in which Steve Jobs plays FDR, has also surfaced and is equally as nuts as "Bluebusters." Seeing both of these videos portray Apple as the embattled underdog makes it ironic that Apple is now the tech giant that other, smaller tech companies are battling to usurp.

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(via Gizmodo)

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