Steve Jobs Funeral To Be Picketed By Westboro Church

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UPDATE: Westboro continues their assault on Steve Jobs.

Fringe religious organization Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket former Apple CEO Steve Jobs' funeral, according to a tweet by top member Margie J Phelps.

Westboro, known by most as the "God Hates Fags" people, travel around the country protesting high profile funerals of celebrities and fallen American soldiers. Their message is predominantly anti-gay and they claim that soldiers' deaths are punishment from an angry God. They commonly sport signs that read "God hates you," "America is doomed," and "You're going to hell."

Consensus leans toward strong disapproval of the group, and they are commonly referred to as one of the most despised groups around. But the Supreme Court has upheld their right to protest at these events, saying that their free speech rights cannot be restricted simply because their speech is unpopular or even despicable.

Phelps tweeted this just a few hours ago. Note how the tweet was sent:

Yes, this tweet was sent via Twitter for iPhone. The irony here is almost unbelievable.

No matter what Westboro does at the funeral of Steve Jobs, it appears that Jobs will win in the end - his influence even stretches to an announcement like this.

Truly amazing.

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