"Steve Irwin Daughter Dies" Not A Hoax, Exactly

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Steve Irwin's daughter, Bindi, is highly popular with both his fans and in her own right; as a child, she appeared with her dad on several of his specials and showed a great appreciation for the animal kingdom. She's become a success since his passing in 2006, hosting her own show "Bindi The Jungle Girl" and appearing in films and on television shows as both an actress and an educator on exotic animals. She's got a pretty loyal fanbase, to say the least. So when a trending topic hit the web on Thursday indicating she was dead, the internet practically broke.

It turns out the trend wasn't the fault of any one person--as these popular death hoaxes usually are--but rather a glitch in the Matrix. Because she was trending yesterday--due to photos she'd shared of herself on vacation--an aggregation attached her to searches associated with her father. A search of the teen, therefore, brought up the words "Steve Irwin Daughter Dies", because the search trend wasn't her name, but rather "Steve Irwin Daughter".

Bindi's fans didn't know what to make of the situation, as she was in Hong Kong on vacation and was posting photos of the beach at the time to her Twitter account. But rest assured, she is alive and well, and no cruel hoaxer is to blame for the trend.

Bindi was very close to her father and has spoken of her love for the way her family lives, saying, "We literally live right in the middle of the Australia zoo, and that is really wonderful in itself. But it's also great because anyone who comes to visit us gets to experience a family of animals and keepers, and really take something with them. They end up having a greater appreciation of wildlife - and that's what it's all about, for me."

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