Stephanie McMahon Talks WWE Brand

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Stephanie McMahon knows a thing or two about growing a brand and making it successful.

She has watched her father run the WWE all of her life and will someday have the privilege of doing so herself.

Stephanie is already very involved with the company and recently talked about what it takes to develop a brand and make it appeal to an audience.

"Developing your brand is different than marketing your brand. I think developing your brand, you have to know what you stand for, you know, what are your goals. What are you trying to achieve? Then you need to make sure you know your audience. Who are you trying to engage, what are you trying to get them to do and how are your watching them. What are the relevant platforms... are they on particular social platforms, are they watching TV? Know your audience, know how to communicate your messaging and know what you want them to do. Then activate. You have to activate and have a brand that's worthwhile. You need to make sure you're delivering quality results." she said.

In addition to being in control behind the scenes of the WWE, Stephanie has used the brand to release a series of fitness tapes that she developed with her husband and WWE star Triple H.

The WWE Fitness Series tapes hit the shelves on December 2 and offer a variety of workout routines that are designed to get anyone in their best shape possible.

The tapes are just another demonstration of how Stephanie has taken the brand to new places. What do you think is next for WWE?

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