Stephanie Auerbach Arrested After Causing Flight Diversion

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A woman traveling first-class with her two children had a little too much to drink earlier this week and causing such a disruption on the plane that the flight had to be diverted to Alaska.

Stephanie Auerbach, owner of Shanghai fashion company Stephanie & Co., had five glasses of wine during the flight from New York and reportedly jumped up on the seats, yelling loudly and spewing profanities. Flight attendants also say she was apparently trying to gain access to the cockpit. After several attempts to get her back in her seat, members of the flight crew were forced to give her a written notice stating she was disobeying the pilot's orders; she promptly threw the notice at one of the attendants, and the pilot diverted the flight to Anchorage.

"The flight crew is in charge of the safety of the aircraft and the passengers on board, and they did what they thought was necessary in this case," Delta spokeswoman Leslie Scott said.

Auerback was removed from the plane by airport police in Anchorage, but her children were allowed to stay on the plane because they were meeting their father in Shanghai. She was arrested and charged with interference of flight crew and members and was booked into the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center for women in Alaska. Reps for Auerback haven't confirmed whether she is still there.

Another flight diversion was in the headlines this week after a man tried to open the emergency exit on a plane that was headed for Austin, Texas. The man was restrained by military personnel until the flight landed safely in Memphis.

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