Steam On Mobile Is Going Places


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Valve's new Steam Mobile service is probably one of the best apps that I use with my Android, even though it's only a few months old. There could be some improvements made, but Valve is already working on that.

Gamasutra talked to Kutta Srinivasan, a Valve engineer, about the app and where it is going. It's most fascinating to see how the process of building the app first came about. There were already Steam apps on Android and iOS, but they were very limited in what they could do. They didn't have access to the entirety of Steam, but Valve does and they used that to their advantage.

If you've used the app yet, you know that it looks amazingly like the PC counterpart with some mobile flair. Keeping the look and feel of Steam on the PC was an important goal for the team according to Srinivasan. That's a good thing as the other Steam apps on mobile platforms aren't very aesthetically pleasing.

Valve is going to keep on building the app and make it more like its PC counterpart. At least for now, the changes coming are "better screenshot support and the ability to view your game library." This is fantastic news for me as I love looking at the screenshots my friends take in-game.

An interesting point to note is that chat is the most used feature of Steam mobile. The only problem they need to fix in regards to that is when you're logged in to Steam on your PC and mobile device. Getting notifications on both can get pretty annoying after a while.

What do you think about Steam Mobile? Is it everything you've ever wanted? Or can Valve improve some features besides those listed? Let us know in the comments.