Staten Island Clown: Creepy Prank After All?

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Outside of horror movies featuring homicidal killers in make-up or demonic clowns with razor sharp teeth, I confess I've found no real reason to be scared of clowns.

I don't get the humor much of the time, but real-life clowns always struck me as harmless.

The tiny cars, throwing pies, big rubber shoes—All in good fun, right?

Well, whoever is behind the idea of a clown wandering around Staten Island at night is making one heck of a case for "clowns are creepy, creepy people".

A few days ago, locals began sharing images of a mysterious clown wandering around Staten Island and handing out balloons. While some found it hilarious, others were just a little freaked out about it.

The clown as seen in pictures:

Yeah, that's not absolutely terrifying or anything. Good God.

Plenty of Staten Island residents have taken to the internet from beneath their beds to tweet about their rotten luck.

Is this clown a serial killer waiting to strike or a good citizen trying to spread a bit of cheer and doing it completely wrong?

In actuality, signs are pointing to the "Staten Island Clown" being nothing more than an elaborate hoax.

The images shared on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter were exchanged by early on by four men: Vincent Innocente, Robert Privitera (who had actually given a statement to local newspaper Staten Island Advance about his "startling encounter".), Michael Leavy, and comedian Vic Dibitetto.

The New York Post reports that all of these men work for Fuzz on the Lens Productions. Innocente, Privitera, and Leavy are also apparently good friends outside of work.

Despite evidence irrefutably linking the men to each other and to the Staten Island Clown, Michael Leavy is not willing to own up to the likely prank. Others are playing dumb.

It could be because it was meant to generate buzz centered around an upcoming project. If that's the case, why not just own up to the prank? Horror pranks are all the rage these days when it comes to promoting movies.

Now that the folks over at Staten Island know it's likely not for real, they all can have a good laugh about it.

Except everyone that's terrified of clowns, but who cares about those big babies?

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