State Senator's Wife Gives Stern Facebook Warning to Women Asking Him to 'Explore' Online

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Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill's wife isn't too pleased about recent attempts from women to get her husband to participate in some extracurricular activities.

Heather McGill has posted an impassioned Facebook warning to women who are sending emails to her husband: stop or else.

"This may go viral and if so my prayer is that it strengthens marriages and families across this district, our state, and our country! I am very blessed to be the wife of a God fearing, hard working, ministry minded, loving father and husband and it is not just my right but my duty to lovingly serve him by protecting him! I have been silent for long enough!! NO MORE!" she writes.

Apparently, women have been contacting McGill with emails and photographs, asking him to "explore."

"Next time everyone will know who you are!! For I will publicly share your name before we 'unfriend' you," she says.


She predicted that the post may go viral, and she was right. The post has received over 100 shares and over 300 likes on Facebook. She has also received plenty of comments supporting her stand.

[Shadrack McGill, Facebook via The Daily Dot]
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