Starbucks Bans Smoking Outside Of Its Stores Across The Country

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Do you like smoking outside of Starbucks after grabbing a coffee and pastry? Sorry to say, you can't do that anymore.

Starbucks introduced a new policy on Saturday that bans smoking within 25 feet of its stores. It's a country-wide policy so those looking to smoke will have to do it elsewhere now.

According to Tulsa, Oregon-based KJRH News, the policy hasn't met with much resistance in the state. Of course, the state already has a law that bans smoking within 10 feet of any business or public building. Citizens seem pretty happy about Starbucks pushing for even larger distances in its smoking bans.

For those who have a problem with the new policy, food cart owner Katie Culver says smokers should just "accept [it] and move on down the road."

Of course, this is a national policy that isn't restricted to its Oregon locations. Smokers across the nation who were particularly infatuated with Starbucks will have to find a new haunting place. It shouldn't be that hard as there is still plenty of places to smoke in every city. Maybe even the local coffee shops can advertise that they don't mind smokers outside their shop as long as they stay 10, instead of 25, feet away.

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