Star Wars vs. Harry Potter: Viral Video A Must-Watch


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Who would win in an epic match-up: A Jedi Knight from Star Wars or a Harry Potter wizard?

If you’ve ever wondered, you seriously need to check out this new YouTube video courtesy of RackaRacka.

What starts off as an argument over an uncharged phone turns into an amazing sci-fi confrontation.

The video features well-timed movie quotes from both the Harry Potter and Star Wars movies in addition to magic vs Force effects.

The Harry Potter vs Star Wars fight video is just over three minutes long and will keep you entertained with a brilliant mix of action and hilarity from start to finish.

Props to these guys for the special effects; they were surprisingly convincing. The Harry Potter glasses were also a nice touch.

In addition to the convincing use of relevant weapons, there were slapstick moments. For example the Harry Potter wizard tries to make off on his broom stick, but things don’t quite go as planned.

One annoying aspect is that the preview image is a major spoiler. Don't know who made that decision but that aside, it's still worth checking out.

Aside from the two battling sci-fi friends there are two other room mates featured in the video. One of the bystanders makes a hilarious movie reference of his own near the end of the video. I won’t spoil it for you but it actually works for the video.

The Australian Youtubers are no strangers to hilarious parody clips. Some of their best work typically features references to the McDonald’s franchise.

Hopefully the popularity of this latest effort will lead to greater exposure and even movie making opportunities in the future.

They certainly have quite a bit of creativity and talent and have produced some awesome YouTube videos on a small budget. It’s fun to imagine what these guys could come up with if given the resources.

Do you agree with this viral video's ending or did the wrong character win? Comment below!

Image via YouTiube