'Star Wars Attack Squadrons' Announced For PC


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Though Star Wars games in recent years have been more about role-playing and dancing, Star Wars games do have a bright history of arcade-style space combat games. Today Disney announced a new title that draws on the history of the Tie Fighter, X-Wing, and Rogue Squadron games.

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons will be coming to PCs next year. The game will be an online, free-to-play multiplayer Star Wars game featuring ships and space battles famous from the series.

Up to 16 players will be able to battle it out in space in TIE Interceptors, X-wings, and a variety of other ships that have yet to be announced. Game modes include a free-for-all dogfight, team matches, and a "Base Defense" mode. Players will earn rewards through combat that can be used to upgrade ships and modify their aesthetics. The game will receive monthly upgrades with new items and ships. Though Disney has not confirmed it, as a free-to-play title Attack Squadrons will likely allow players to pay real money for upgrades, ships, and items.

No official release date has been announced for Attack Squadrons, though Disney is encouraging player to sign up for future beta tests on the title. The first beta has been announced as coming sometime in "early 2014."

In addition to the announcement, Disney today released a teaser trailer for Attack Squadrons. Though the video does not show off any gameplay, it does tease that Attack Squadrons will include many elements from the original Star Wars trilogy: