Star Wars Abstract Geek Art Makes Blockheads Of Us All

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Abstract art has always made me think, "What the heck was that guy thinking?" But when you put things like Superman and Darth Vader into paintings of that same style, it somehow immediately make sense. Like I can look at it and think, "Now I get it."

Tommervik has captured the essence of his superhero and geek images in his gallery of artwork over at deviantART. It doesn't stop there though. He has also put into his perspective great things like the Muppets, Hockey, and Pee Wee Herman.

These are all oil paintings and all you see here are for sale. They are a little expensive compared to the normal "geek art" that I usually cover, but the quality is also a little better.

Darth Vader


Superman/Clark Kent


Millenium Falcon


Batman and Robin




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