Star Trek: William Shatner Is Cooler Than You

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William Shatner has the life. He’s had one of those roles that was not only famous for the usual pop culture reasons, but it endeared him to a generation or two as an icon. Shatner’s voice is not just associated with Star Trek, it’s associated with space travel in general. As such, he was recently honored by NASA with a Distinguished Public Service medal.

But William Shatner has done more than just Trek. There was T.J. Hooker. Snicker all you want. He got to run around with Heather Locklear for five seasons. That’s longer than the original Star Trek ran.

But there’s also his iconic role as Denny Crane, first on The Practice, then on Boston Legal. Denny Crane had these words of Zen-like wisdom for us all:

“No matter how hard your day, no matter how tough your choices, how complex your ethical decisions, you always get to choose what you have for lunch.”

And that is the kind of material you get, and should get, from William Shatner. The man is living the life, and he knows it.

“If you make a fool of yourself, you can do it with dignity, without taking your pants down. And if you do take your pants down, you can still do it with dignity.”

“My boy, that was a TV show. I used a stunt double. I always use a stunt double. Except in love scenes. I insist on doing those myself.”

Shatner has not gone out to pasture, either. He maintains a strong presence on Twitter, live-tweeting television shows, commenting on society, and engaging with fans.

Shatner even prowls on Reddit.

And he reviews apps, thoroughly too, on his Tumblr account. Like his review of Facebook's new Mentions app.

But he isn’t keen on Pinterest.

Shatner explained himself best: “I am surfing the giant life wave.”

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