Sriracha Plant Moving Into Texas?

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Sriracha, the famous hot sauce based out of California, has had its share of woes this year after residents living near the plant complained about the smell. In fact, the scent is reportedly so eye-wateringly strong that local officials want to declare the plant a public nuisance because of it's location near a suburb. But owner David Tran says that not only is he not going anywhere, he's considering expanding his operations into Texas.

State Sen. Carlos Uresti and state Rep. Jason Villalba of Texas held meetings with Tran this week to discuss a possible move into their territory, saying there were many benefits to having a business in their state.

"We're not here to offer any specific incentives, but just to let it be known there are incentives," Uresti said.

However, Tran says he would have to make sure that the right peppers can be grown in that area before he can commit to anything.

The plant was briefly shut down last year after neighbors in the plant's Irwindale neighborhood complained that the fumes from the grinding of hot peppers were causing them physical issues, such as burning in the throat and eyes.

Tran initially said he would work with officials to curb the problem and was willing to move his factory elsewhere, but the weight of nearly 200 lost jobs may have changed his mind. In April he told reporters that he refused to give up his plant.

"They can kill me, but they can't take out my business," Tran said.

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