Sprint Offers Its 'Framily' Plan To Small Businesses


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In early January, Sprint introduced a new "framily" service plan that allowed users to add up to 10 people to their plan regardless of their actual affiliation. In other words, a customer and 9 friends could all sign up on the same family plan and each friend would be billed separately for their share of the costs. Now that same plan is coming to small businesses.

Sprint announced this morning that it's expanding the definition of family to include not only friends, but employees as well. Starting February 21, small businesses can sign up for a Sprint family plan and have up to 10 employees signed up on the same plan.

If you run a small business that provides mobile devices to its employees, Sprint wants you to take note. With its plan, up to 10 people can be signed up on the same plan for as low as $25 per line. Sprint's plan works in a way that reduces the individual cost per line based upon the number of lines added. For instance, you and three others would cost $40 per line a month. If you add seven to 10 lines, the cost is reduced to only $25 per line a month.

So, what do subscribers get with the basic plan? Each line will get unlimited talk and text alongside 1GB of data. You can add $10 per line to get 3GB of data per month or $20 per line to get unlimited 4G data.

Here's a visual breakdown of all the prices:

Sprint Offers Its Family Plan To Small Businesses

“The Sprint Framily Plan offers small businesses a new way to buy and save on wireless,” said Jeff Hallock, Sprint chief marketing officer. “With the Sprint Framily Plan there are no annual service contracts and no early termination fees. The Sprint Framily plan makes it easy for small businesses and suppliers or vendors to join together to realize savings.”

If you're new to Sprint and want to get in on the "framily" savings, you only need to buy an eligible device at full price or through the Sprint Easy Pay program. At that time, you'll receive a "framily" ID which can be used to invite others.

If your small business is already serviced by Sprint, things are little more complicated. Here's how it will work:

When current customers move to the Sprint Framily Plan they can create a new group with any phone lines on their account and invite others to join Sprint and be a part of their Framily plan. However, existing Sprint accounts cannot be combined into one Framily plan unless both accounts are owned by the same person. The price of the Framily Plan for customers currently on a plan with a discounted phone is an additional $15 per month per line for service until the customer’s line is upgrade eligible. For a limited time, Sprint will waive the $15 per month to move to the Sprint Framily Plan for customers who purchased a discounted phone before Jan. 10, 2014, and are not upgrade eligible.

To reiterate, small business owners can jump onto Sprint's "framily" plan starting tomorrow. If you buy and manage all the devices your employees use, it might be worth looking into.