Spray-On Antennas Unveiled at Google's Solve For X Event

IT Management

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At Google's Solve for X fest, Chamtech Operations unvelied thier new nanotech-based spray-on antenna kit, for use on existing antennas, as well as relatively antenna-shaped, upright builds.

The science is basically nano-capacitors in a can, that can be sprayed onto a tree or a pole to make an antenna. The "paint" also can boost an existing antenna's signal by over 100 times, and if put underwater, it can send a radio signal a mile.

Chamtech asserts that their spray-on nanotech makes existing antennas more energy-efficient by limiting the amount of heat they put off, but the obvious boost in signal ranges has more profound implications. While it is not too clear how one would go about picking the right sized tree to transmit the right signal, existing antennas are perfect to be coated with the nano-paint. To have a signal boosted from 1.5 to 200 meters in a matter of minutes is a pretty big deal, and Chamtech's underwater capabilities might help to solve historically difficult submarine communication.