Splinter Cell Blacklist Footage Shows Non-Lethal Takedowns


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Ubisoft loves its trailers. It's great that the company wants gamers to know about their titles, but it can sometimes delve into spoiler territory. Now that Far Cry 3 has been released everywhere but North America, the publisher will be focusing on previews for Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Expect many more Splinter Cell trailers in the coming months, such as the "Fifth Freedom" trailer released back in September.

Today Ubisoft kicked off the developer diary coverage of Splinter Cell: Blacklist with a new trailer highlighting the stealthy non-lethal takedown animations Sam Fisher will be able to perform. Games with a stealth component typically encourage, or at least provide an achievement for not killing henchmen. With the broad range of non-lethal options shown in the video below, it seems the new Splinter Cell will be no different.