How Source Code Applies Tech, Gaming, & Social to Film


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Anytime technological elements are integrated into conventional culture, it's exciting for those of us in the tech industry. It's even more thrilling when technology is applied to the entertainment industry, such as the case of the new film Source Code that opens in theaters today.

Can you name any examples in which technology was applied to entertainment? Let us know.

The sci-fi thriller is about an American soldier named Captain Colter Stevens that wakes up in the body of a stranger. Played by popular star Jake Gyllenhaal, Capt. Stevens finds himself involved with a government program called "source code" and is tasked with finding the bomber on a Chicago commuter train.

Through his mission, he meets Christina Warren, played by the lovely Michelle Monaghan, and the two fall in love. As if casting Jake Gyllenhaal as the lead role in the film wasn't enough to draw the ladies, this love story is also intertwined into the action.

In terms of technology, the title alone suggests a digital element. The film also includes a social gaming aspect that is based off the "source code" computer game in the movie.

"The idea of the source code in the movie is that it's a computer game, and that off that computer game, different tangents are created. And, you affect the world as a result of that game... the computer game that's actually in reality... on the Internet, is the same sort of idea," said Gyllenhaal.

Powered by Microsoft Tag technology, the game allows users to become part of the mission and connect to the film in a socially interactive way. As Monaghan explained to us, the users that play the game become part of the website, which, she believes, creates a real connection with the audience.

Gyllenhaal also told us that the game gives users a valuable opportunity to create their own story on top of the one told in the movie.

"If we can get people on the Internet involved in the story... there are so many possibilities in even telling other stories... creating even another movie based on the ideas that were created from the game," he said.

Another element that further linked Source Code to the tech industry was the fact that it premiered at SXSW. Director Duncan Jones said he loves the show because it attracts people that genuinely love film (not to mention a whole bunch of techies that love movies too). He also premiered his film Moon at the show in 2009.

Would you like to see more films that integrate technology?