Sophie Marceau: Sexy French Actress, Former 'Bond' Girl Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction at Cannes

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Sophie Marceau, the sexy French actress known for her role as the Bond girl in 1999's The World is Not Enough, suffered a wardrobe malfunction at Cannes--revealing more than she hoped to share with those watching her stroll on the red carpet.

Serving as a judge on this year's festival jury at Cannes, Sophie Marceau was about to climb the infamous Cannes steps, when she gathered a rather large portion of her dress in her hands to avoid tripping. In trying to avert one sort of disaster, she inadvertently created another. She gathered too much of said dress in her hands and exposed her underwear--a full frontal view--to the cameras and the crowd.

Marceau appeared oblivious to the wardrobe malfunction, and in perfect actress style didn't even bat an eyelash. She continued her walk in her gorgeous low-cut white gown accessorized by a bronze choker on her neck.

This wasn't the first time Sophie Marceau experienced a wardrobe malfunction either, and it wasn't the first time it happened to her at Cannes. Back in 2005, when the actress was walking the red carpet, a strap slipped off her gown and exposed an entire breast. At least this time around all private parts remained covered--if only by nude-colored panties.

Wardrobe malfunctions are almost expected these days as stars at Cannes, including Hollywood's elite, wear a variety of pieces that are held together with tape--and often don't feature a great deal of fabric to begin with.

Fortunately Sophie Marceau wasn't terribly embarrassed by her wardrobe malfunction, and continued on her way without so much as a moderate blush.

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