Sophia Bush Stuns On Maxim Cover [PHOTO]

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If you were looking for something or someone to brighten up your work-week, Sophia Bush has come to the rescue.

The 31-year-old actress is on the cover of the current issue of Maxim magazine, and she couldn't look any better.

Sporting a beige and black ultra tight corset, with a sexy inviting look on her face, Bush is bound to drive her male fans crazy, and the cover may even raiser her profile a bit more, since it's already gone extremely viral.

And although the former One Tree Hill star looks almost flawless on the cover, she says women shouldn't strive for perfection, because being perfect isn't realistic. Instead, women should feel empowered enough to show all sides of themselves, including sides that are extremely flawed.

"You want to create a scene where people are allowed to be their best self, but we're so often taught our best is equal to perfect, that our best is only what is right," said Bush in a previous statement. "And we're at our best when we're vulnerable, when we are open and open enough to say I'm afraid, I'm having a hard time, I screwed up or I did great at this. Whatever it is, we should look at ourselves as whole."

From 2003 to 2012 Bush played Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill and now she's working on NBC's Chicago PD, which is the kind of show she always wanted to be on, she said. Bush stated that the realism of the cop drama is what initially pulled her in and got her interested, and filming it feels important, not frivolous, which means a lot to her.

"This is a dream job for me to be working on material that feels so real and so vital, when you talk about that whole notion of protecting and serving," said Bush. "It feels important. I'm incredibly honored to be wearing the badge after spending so much time with officers and SWAT and the police academy. It very quickly makes you empathize with the people who dedicate their lives to keeping us safe."

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