Sophia Bush Discusses Body Image

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Sophia Bush has been wise in choosing on-screen roles that depict the empowerment of women. In a recent interview with Huffington Post, the 31-year-old actress shared her views on feminism.

Bush said that woman empowerment is “something that we're all pushing for,” saying that based on history, communities thrive with empowered women. “So you and me can do the work, but the men around us have to do it too,” she stated.

She also did an appearance on the Today show where she talked about her favorite charity called “I Am That Girl.” The charity focuses on encouraging young girls and women to feel beautiful and secure about their bodies.

Bush also mentioned that she takes time to talk to women about not being perfect and how they can accept their bodies and themselves for who they are. She tells them that although she is a television star and she appears on the covers of magazines, she is not, and is far from perfect. “I don’t wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and go, ‘Hey, I’m amazing!’” she says.

Bush has come to accept that she is a curvy woman and not a tall and thin runway model like other women are. She said that she was born that way, and that is okay for her.

Her statements on empowerment and self-esteem did well with her fans. As a result, she has been getting a lot of messages on Twitter, praising her for her advocacy.

Bush started her television career playing Brooke Davis in the series One Tree Hill, which ran from 2003 to 2012. She has also appeared in movies, such as The Narrows, The Hitcher, and John Tucker Must Die. She currently plays the role of Detective Erin Lindsay in NBC’s Chicago P.D..

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