Sony's New Smart Watch Features Twitter And Facebook

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Smart watches are the new regular watches because reglar watches do what? Tell the time? Give you the day and date? Boring! I want Tweets, and Facebook feeds, and a caller ID for the phone in my pocket. Now the perfect gadget is out for me to do that!

Meet Sony's new SmartWatch the MN2. The watch features a 1.3” OLED display that has a 128 x 128 pixels resolution. If you connect it by bluetooth to any Android 2.1 phone or higher, you can see your Twitter and Facebook feeds, change your music, and it also tells time! All of this is great, but it really needs a camera on the watch so we can finally have a video phone in our watch ala Dick Tracy.

The phone is too small to be able to functionally use for things like tweeting or posting to your Facebook wall, but for what this phone does, including telling time, it does really well. It also features a great battery life! The battery runs for approximately 3-4 days for typical usage, and up to 14 days on standby.

The watch is currently in stock over at Sony for a super good price of $149.99. There is free shipping and depending on where you live, the taxes will be different. It came to a grand total of 158.99.

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