Sony Power Food Might Just Be The Silliest April Fools Concept You See Today

IT Management

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April Fools is the worst. There are far too many companies that think they're funny, yet only end up crushing our dreams instead. On the other hand, some companies create obviously fake products just to get a laugh out of us. Sony did it last year with electronics for pets and now they're at it again with an even sillier concept.

For April Fools, Sony announced a new product called Power Food. In essence, it's food that powers your body and your electronics. Through a complex chemical process, Sony claims to now be able to convert the energy found in food into electricity that can power devices. Running around town with a walkman when it suddenly dies? Plug it into a hot dog for a quick juice. Your PlayStation Vita suddenly run out of power at the breakfast table? Plug it into Sony's own Crunchy Loops to get you back in the game.

Despite being fake, I can't help but wish Sony Power Food was real. It would be amazing to power my body and phone with a protein energy bar. That being said, I don't know if I would like having to clean off a USB cable after plugging it into a cake or cereal bowl. It definitely has its pros and cons, but Sony has always wanted to inspire. With Power Food, it may just inspire a chemist to invent some new way to actually convert calories into electricity. It's impossible, but that never stopped humanity before.

If Power Food is a little too far out for you, you might want to check out Google's April Fools joke. You might learn a few things about geography and even catch a few Pokemon while you're at it.

Image via Sony/YouTube